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Summer 2014: Construction!

Construction, construction, construction! This summer is full of it! While we're pretty used to construction around here, there's nothing quite like seeing the process as it nears the end. 

The Elizabeth Meeting House has taken shape spectacularly. Classroom spaces—like our brand new music room, sound booth and recording studio—are dry walled, offices have doors (or spaces for them, at least), hallways are defined, and spots for filtration stations are laid out. It's amazing! 

And don't forget, The Meeting House isn't the only space on campus that will be new come September: both the Aude and Wonder Buildings are receiving some amazing re-vamping. In the A Building, what used to be our main office is now a brand new Admissions Office. Our Head of School's office and conference room are now a spacious classroom. And in a few short weeks, our construction team has managed to turn the old art room and terrace on the third floor into a HUGE super-lab! 

On the bottom floor of the Wonder Building, locker rooms are receiving a face-lift (that's an understatement!), and the three center classrooms are being converted into one enormous fitness room. The transformations are shocking... and awesome! 

We'll keep the updates coming, and can't wait for everyone to see the spaces in the fall!

Congrats, Class of 2014!

In another of Field's non-traditional (but traditional to us!) graduation ceremonies, we bid farewell to the class of 2014. Each senior spoke at the podium, thanking friends, family and teachers, and paying their respects to the school that gave them so much. To the class of 2014—we wish you luck and all the happiness in the world. 

Annual Senior/Faculty Celebration!

This Tuesday evening, we held our annual Senior/Faculty dinner. This year's event was especially unique. The evening began with a guided tour of The Elizabeth Meeting House, where seniors were given the opportunity to sign a wall in what will become the new senior locker area. It was a wonderful moment, where the class of 2014—a group who lived through the construction, but won't be here to enjoy it on a daily basis—was able to leave their physical mark on the new space. 

Following the tour, Seniors were shuttled over to George Washington University's Mount Vernon campus for a poetry reading and dinner. Each year at the Senior/Faculty dinner, different faculty read poems dedicated to each senior, written by their friends or family. This year's poems were moving, funny, full of inside jokes, and full of heart.

In all, the evening was a great moment in time for seniors and faculty to say "see you later" without distraction, and the memories created will be cherished.  

Graduation is Almost Here!

This monday, our seniors had a day away—time to spend together without interruption before the frenzy of exams, academic and athletic awards, and graduation.
The weather was perfect and we were lucky enough to spend the day by the water, enjoying the sun and sand, tennis, lawn games, boating and swimming. A big THANK YOU to the Rubenstein family for sharing this gorgeous getaway! 

Gaduation is right around the corner: CLICK HERE for important graduation information!

Our NEW Field Forward Website is HERE!

If we had the red carpet on campus today, we'd surely roll it out for this: our new Field Forward Capital Campaign website! 
What will you find? Wonderful information about The Student Fund, The Faculty Fund, and The Elizabeth Meeting House; a detailed (and colorful—see below!) report on progress toward our goal; profiles of our generous donors; links to all of our entertaining campaign videos starring Officer Bill; and—most importantly—a link to GIVE!


Be Yourself at The Field School

Self-Discovery.  It's the first word in our mission statement, and its pursuit is innate to everyday life at Field.  Students are encouraged to think and learn about themselves, and to grow as individuals over the course of their time here.  They can be studious, athletic, shy, boisterous, latino, focused, whimsical, black, white or anytihng else they want—so long as they are who they truly are.

Field is a place where you can be yourself.


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