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Field Actors Star in Webcast Series

When Otessa Ghadar, the older sister of Field students John and Anna Ghadar, decided to turn her thesis at Columbia University's film school into a full-fledged series on the Internet, she turned to a number of Field School student-actors.  Their work goes public any day now.

Will Orange Juice in Bishop's Garden be the hit series of the spring season?  It is, after all, a multi-layered story about a group of teen-aged friends facing a defining time in their lives.  Orange Juice, however, will be appearing only on the Internet as a webcast series, making it ineligible for the Emmy Awards.  On the other hand, it has the advantage of featuring a handful of talented young actors from The Field School.

Orange Juice in Bishop's Garden is the brainchild of Otessa Ghadar, the older sister of Field middle-schoolers, Anna and John Ghadar.  "The series started as two short film projects that comprised my MFA Thesis in Film at Columbia University," Otessa explains.  "It is inspired by my memories of being a teenager in DC in the 90's -- a time for which I have great nostalgia!  Some of the elements are based on recollections, some are urban legend, and some are pure fiction.  But, I think as a whole the stories and the characters ring true.  And the diverse cast of characters & stories offers a relatable experience for every viewer."

When Otessa was casting the series, she came to The Field School.  Verity Allen landed the role of Kris, Sarah Spencer protrays Beth, and Peter Rothe plays Nate.  Jesse Swire is also part of the cast, and Rachel Cooke appears briefly as well.  Andrew Cohen, initially cast in a smaller role, was ultimately cast as Travis, who Andrew describes as "the wild card figure in the series, a train wreck you can't look away from."  Andrew describes working on OJ as a very positive artistic experience.  "Working directly with the writer/director/producer allows you to have great input into the character you are playing.  This is not unlike the way The Field School operates.  Otessa as very vocal about keeping us all involved."  Most of the other actors are from DC's Duke Ellington School of the Arts.

Season One of Orange Juice in Bishop's Garden will be "up" at in a matter of days.  The season consists of 12 episodes plus some "special episodes," half of which were filmed in the summer of 2008.  The season will be completed this upcoming summer.  The series promises to be entertaining and unvarnished, "more than just a roller-coaster ride of teenager happenings; it's the whole amusement park."  Check it out!