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The 14th of March each year marks a very special day in the world of mathematics: the date is 3-14, a day also known as Pi Day. Of course, there's no better way to celebrate Pi Day than with pie—a circular food that's also delicious. Field may have had a snow day on Pi Day, but our math department did a bit of recalculating so the festivities could go on.
Field math teachers put together a Pi Day celebration with a pi-themed art contest, a pie-eating contest (featuring a guest appearance by Associate Head of School David Buffum), and some great geometry-related jokes (Why is an obtuse triangle always angry? Because it'll never be right!). Contest winners got the great honor of getting to lob Field teachers Laura W and Harry in the face (gently) with whipped cream.
Pi Day is a tradition that brings art and math together, in the spirit of Field's interdisciplinary learning. The punny name doesn't hurt either. And of course, it's also a lot of very silly, delicious fun. Happy (belated) Pi Day!