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Do you like movies? How about a good story or a poem? If so, the English senior electives might be for you! Seniors can choose to take either Fiction, Poetry, and Nonfiction or Introduction to Film Studies alongside English 12.

"The Fiction, Poetry, and Nonfiction class is run a lot like a studio class," teacher Laura Gill explains. "We do a lot of writing and workshopping—and as the only class at Field that's solely focused on celebrating creative writing, it's a really valuable course." Students work on poetry, memoir, fiction, and nonfiction work, which is very different from analytic papers or essays that they're used to writing for other classes. They also delve into desktop publishing and editing with the Majestick Elephant, the literary magazine they create each year during 4th quarter from student submissions, and mini zines that each student creates.
"It's basically an intro writing course like you might get at the college level," Laura says. Students get exposure to reading and writing in lots of different genres, and once they get to college, they have a good sense of what writing classes they might like to take. 
If you love watching and analyzing films in class, Introduction to Film Studies might be the senior English elective for you. "The class is a survey-level course about film as a medium," teacher Julia Cohen says. "We talk about film production, film as text, and responses to film."
Students learn to watch movies with a critical eye, considering what they're seeing and hearing as they watch. They focus on reading all the elements that make up the scene, from lighting and props to costumes, hair, and makeup, the way the actors perform, and the sound editing and film score. "As an English elective, we're most often responding to films in writing and related modes of expression like presentations," Julia says. "We write essays, reviews, journal entries, and more as we learn about the many ways to respond to film as text and as a creative and entertaining medium."
If you want to stretch your creative muscles and go on a deep dive into a new genre, English elective courses might pique your interest. Stay creative!