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Board of Trustees

The Field School is a 501(c)(3) Corporation governed by a Board of Trustees. Field’s Board of Trustees is responsible for safeguarding our mission and assuring the school’s successful future. Each Trustee knows our school comprehensively and believes that a Field School education is an important service not only to our current students but also to our city, to the area, and to tomorrow.

Who are the Trustees?

Trustees are drawn from many parts of our community, including: current parents, alumni, parents of alumni, the local education community, and relevant friends of the school. Every Trustee brings an important skill and point-of-view to the Board, gifting the school with talent, intelligence, dedication, and hard work.  In addition to the voting members elected to three-year terms, there are two ex officio non-voting members (the Head of School and the Field Parents Association President). 

What do the Trustees do for Field?

The Board’s work on behalf the school involves five areas:
(1) Setting or reviewing basic school policies and principles in consultation with the Head of School
(2) Hiring and supporting the Head of School
(3) Providing for the financial health of Field through fundraising and financial support
(4) Undertaking strategic planning and leadership on the school’s future
(5) Evaluating school performance overall
The Board maintains several standing committees—Finance, Development, Audit, Executive, Buildings and Grounds, and Governance—and forms other ad hoc committees as necessary to meet its responsibilities to the school.  In forming these committees, the Board draws on the expertise, input, and time of administrators, faculty, staff, and parents as necessary.

When does the Board meet, and how are Trustees directly involved at Field?

The Board meets at least seven times per year—and more frequently if necessary.  The Board participates in regular retreats for the purpose of learning more about the school, about each other, and about large issues facing schools today.  Trustees are also regularly invited to participate in school events such as staff development days, athletic events, assemblies, arts performances, and various celebrations, through which they can learn more about the daily life of Field and can educate community members on the critical role that Trustees play in the community.

Does the Board of Trustees run the school day to day?

The Board entrusts daily operations to the Head of School, who supervises all programs and personnel and is the final arbiter of disputes that arise, including all matters involving parents, employees, students, teaching, curriculum, and disciplinary actions.  While the Head may and does seek Trustee advice as necessary, decisions about the daily operation of the school sit with the Head of School.

Board of Trustees

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