Aude Sapere: Field's Strategic Plan

Aude Sapere:
Field's Strategic Plan 2018

  • Inspire Student Discovery
    The Field School will inspire students to become confident, active, bold thinkers, and engaged members of society. Through small class sizes, creative teaching, and strong relationships with teachers, Field provides an environment that seeks to bring out the best in each individual student. Curiosity about the world and curiosity about the self are critical to the learning process. We ask students to see themselves as the architects of their own future. Field values challenge and risk taking. Growth comes from both success and failure and is essential to learning. Students develop the skills of mind and gain the breadth and depth of experience to live full, joyful lives during and after their time at Field.
  • Honor Field's Faculty & Staff
    The Field School will develop and celebrate its bold, dedicated, and innovative faculty and staff. Our faculty and staff are passionate about and committed to their work. The demand of meeting Field’s mission with every student requires a highly dedicated and capable faculty and staff. Field values the unique and varied backgrounds and experiences that our faculty and staff bring to their work, and encourages ongoing professional and personal growth. Classrooms often extend far beyond physical walls, as teachers engage students on the athletic fields, in the art studios, and in locations around the city and globe. We honor the expertise and devotion of our faculty and staff, and strive to recognize their work and accomplishments.
  • Achieve Greater Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
    Diversity strengthens our community. The Field School will increase diversity, celebrate differences, build community, and strive to ensure that each individual feels included, respected, and empowered. We are committed to ensuring a safe, nurturing, and equal environment for all, including those who identify as people of color, LGBTQ+, individuals of all faiths and traditions, and those with differing perspectives and abilities. We are also a socio-economically diverse community and are committed to equity of experience for all at Field. In order to achieve greater diversity among our students, families, faculty, and staff, we will expand our focus and attention to ensure that Field is an inclusive, supportive, and equitable environment for all.
  • Strengthen Field's Financial Foundation
    The Field School will strengthen its financial foundation to promote its sustainability and advance its values. Field is a financially healthy, but not wealthy, school. Having built a school home that will serve Field students well into the future, now is the time to invest anew in Field’s mission and vision. A stronger financial foundation will sustain small class sizes, bolster our commitment to socio-economic diversity, and allow Field to become less tuition-dependent. Through the thoughtful stewardship of financial resources and the continued growth of our culture of philanthropy, Field will thrive for generations to come.
  • Proclaim Field's Mission & Core Values
    The Field School will proudly communicate its mission and core values to the entire Field community, the greater Washington metropolitan area, and the world, to increase understanding of Field’s unique approach and educational model. Since its founding in 1972, Field has offered students an experience that is unique and highly treasured. In a rapidly evolving educational landscape, Field must continue to proclaim clearly what is exceptional about its program and vision. In addition to specific communication campaigns, Field’s teachers, students, parents, and alumni all serve as ambassadors of Field in their broader worlds.