Campus Tour

Welcome to The Field School!

While relationships between people drive everything magical that happens at Field, our campus was designed to support those relationships. You’ll learn about academics, arts, athletics, and everything else throughout our website, but this page is for the physical spaces that help our students and teachers do their best work each day. With a homelike, residential feel, cozy hallways and classrooms, community spaces for each grade level, and attention paid to acoustics and minimizing distractions, The Field School is a wonderful place to learn.
The Field School is situated on a spectacular 10.5-acre campus on Foxhall Road in Washington, DC. Perched on a hill overlooking the most famous sites in the city (we're often told we have one of the best views in DC!), Field is centered on an Art Moderne home built by Morris and Gwendolyn Cafritz, with two matching buildings on each side of the Cafritz home, a spacious gymnasium, a full-sized playing field, and the Elizabeth Meeting House—the crossroads of our community, built right into the hill behind the Cafritz home.
Field is committed to a homelike feel throughout the building. Classes are held in the still-cozy rooms of the Cafritz house, complete with original murals on the walls and couches and comfy chairs, along with more traditional classroom spaces. There are also lounge areas for each grade level to hang out, and cozy nooks and crannies all around campus for settling into to study or relax.

Studio Arts

Studio arts are held in studio spaces around campus, from a black box theater for musical, acting, and tech to a ceramics studio with an electric kiln, a cone 6 reduction kiln, a raku kiln, pottery wheels, a slab roller, a pug mill to recycle clay, and ample space for working. We also run a fully functioning recording studio where we teach the fundamentals of multitrack recording, music production, engineering, and ensemble performance. Students have access to a wide range of instruments as well as analog and digital recording equipment and get to experience the challenging (and rewarding) environment of a contemporary recording studio.

Hands-On Scientific Discovery

Field’s commitment to hands-on scientific discovery can easily be seen in the science labs, including a “super lab” with two hoods that allow classes to run multiple experiments at the same time. Science department chair Adrienne Nicholson adds, “We also have great dissecting microscopes which enable us to identify microorganisms in stream water in Advanced Biology, precision glassware that allows Advanced Chemistry classes to synthesize aspirin, and precise photogate timers for Physics II that allow for us to take and analyze tons of data.” Whatever level of science students are at, they have access to the materials and equipment they need to test their hypotheses and get excited about science.

Athletics Spaces

Athletics spaces include a turf field, full-sized gymnasium, and a multi-purpose fitness center that can accommodate dance and yoga classes and has a full complement of weight training and resistance equipment. The school’s full turf field with a built-in drainage system is made of plastic, does not require mowing, uses no chemicals, and has a rubberized in-fill product for better give during games and practices. The 9,000-square-foot gymnasium has six retractable basketball hoops and retractable bleachers, and it’s used by multiple athletic teams including volleyball and basketball. Thanks to our Athletic Office’s great relationships with area resources, students also have access to the Georgetown University track, the George Washington University tennis courts, the JCC gym and pool, local running trails, and more.
Everywhere on campus, the atmosphere promotes energy and connection between classmates, teachers, and the subjects they study and discuss together. Complete with fully equipped labs, custom-designed studio spaces, and even the old dining room and club room of the original home, The Field School's campus is a unique and comfortable place to learn and thrive.
Our admission team runs small group tours for prospective families at 9:30 a.m. daily throughout the fall and winter. Call the Admission Office at 202-295-5824 to set up your visit and see the campus for yourself!