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Field teachers are easily available to the students. With a student-faculty ratio of 6-1, this is what you would expect. But it's more than the numbers. Field teachers are carefully selected for their genuine interest in teens, and they are trained to carry themselves in a way that is open to kids all day long. Plus, because all our sports are coached by the faculty and all our activities are sponsored by faculty, the students get to know them in more than one way.


Field teachers are extremely bright—coming from many of the finest colleges and universities in the world. They teach with passion and expertise, presenting the material with invention and energy.


Field teachers work in classrooms that are not rigid or formal. They are trained to see each student as an individual, with individual strengths, needs, and learning styles. Because classes are small, the teachers can take the time to know and care about every student. This kind of attention and flexibility is what Field is all about.


Field teachers, each in their own way, bring passion and intensity to their subjects. They are given license to develop new units in conjunction with department chairs, making their classrooms and their curriculum living things. School isn't boring for our teachers—so it isn't boring for our students.
Field teachers capture students’ imaginations about what they are capable of achieving.