Mission & Core Values

Self-Discovery, Skills of Mind, Generosity of Heart

Our Core Values

Field is a community of individuals who have diverse backgrounds, strengths, and challenges.

Field is grounded in the dignity of each person.

Field focuses on each student—classes are small, and every student is heard and known.

Field honors its teachers and staff.

Field teachers are invested in the success of each student; they are adaptive and innovative.

Field teaches 
skills of mind—analytic thinking, articulate expression, and imaginative solutions.

Field engages each student and challenges them to take risks, to listen, and to advocate for themselves and for others.

Field is about self-discovery. Field students come to see themselves as independent thinkers, altruists, athletes, and artists.

creates space for inquiry, imagination, insight, and reflection. Field is committed to fairness, inclusivity, and justice.

Field prepares and calls on its students to live inquiring and purposeful lives that will engage and transform the world.

Joy, love, care, respect, compassion, wisdom, and generosity to all animate a Field education.