Field Students Are...

We're often asked, "What kind of student succeeds at The Field School?" The Field School supports Self-Discovery, Skills of Mind + Generosity of Heart, values at the heart of The Field School Mission. Ours is an inclusive and dynamic community where the individual student is wholly supported, nurtured, and encouraged to be themselves. Our innovative, interactive, and robust curriculum and programs are tailored to support individual, varied learning styles. Field students join us from rich and diverse backgrounds from around the world.

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    Field students are inspired by and comfortable in our small classes, which average only 11 students. They sit in the front row of almost every class and are excited and engaged through daily connections with faculty, staff, and peers.

    Field students are encouraged to challenge and express themselves academically, creatively, and physically. Informed by our school motto, Aude Sapere (Dare to be Wise), our philosophy inspires students to dare greatly, make mistakes, and explore roads less traveled.

    Field students thrive on the trust, support, and inspiration of great teachers.

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    Field students are eager to participate in arts every day.

    Field students play sports regularly, relishing the chance to get exercise and have fun.

    Field students are generous with each other: open and welcoming, embracing difference and finding commonality.