Getting to Field: 3 Ways 2 Go

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    A fun, free, and easy route from DC, MD, & VA. Check out the schedule!
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    Walk or Bike
    It's great—and green—exercise. Be safe!
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    Driving in the AM is cool—as long as you drive at least two Field students!

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  • Free Shuttles

    The Field School runs shuttle buses each morning and afternoon that allow students (and teachers) to get to and from school via stops at nearby Metro stations. The shuttles are run by Reston Limousine, and they are available only to members of the Field community.

    The shuttles are important to Field in several ways: (1) they preserve our promise to Field’s neighbors to keep Foxhall Road relatively free of morning traffic, (2) they make transportation to and from Field more environmentally friendly, and (3) they help to teach our students independence as they get to and from school partly on their own! And, again, they are free of charge!

    DC One Cards: Student Travel Discount on Metrobus and Metrorail

    Field students who live in the District of Columbia are entitled to free use of the WMATA Metrorail and Metrobus systems. Students who wish to use this program must obtain a Kids Ride Free SmartTrip card. For more information about the program and detailed instructions on how to enroll, please CLICK HERE. Reduced fares are not available for students living outside of the District of Columbia.

    Shuttle Schedule

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  • Walking or Biking

    Better sidewalks in our neighborhood have made it easier and safer for students to walk or bike to Field—a great and green way to get exercise! We ask parents to make sure that students know how to make the trip and that the route is safe and secure.

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  • Carpooling in the Morning

    Field families are also welcome to drive to school in the morning, provided that morning arrivals contain at least two Field students. This reduces traffic and energy consumption for our community. Using Field’s online directory, it is easy to find other families who live nearby by searching by hometown and/or zip code! In the afternoon, families may pick up students individually at any time.

    Students may not drive to Field until they are 17 years old and with parents' and the school's permission. Generally, only 12th grade students are granted this privilege, and they must agree to arrive in a carpool arrangement.
Helping our kids be good, green neighbors.