College Counseling


List of 6 frequently asked questions.

  • Q: How do my transcripts and teacher recommendations get sent to colleges?

    The College Office will send an official copy of your Field transcript to every school to which you apply based on what is on your Naviance/Family Connection list. You should inform the College Office when you have applied to a school by updating the “My Colleges” section on Naviance/Family Connection.
  • Q: What is Naviance/Family Connection and do I have to use it?

    Naviance is a web-based system of researching and organizing your college process. It is where you keep the list of schools you are thinking about and then later, the list of schools to which you are applying. Transcripts, teacher recommendations, the counselor letter, and the school profile are uploaded to Naviance and sent directly to colleges electronically. It is vital that the student keeps this list updated at all times—without it, we cannot send those items and your application will not be complete. Juniors receive an introduction to and training on Naviance in the spring of junior year.
  • Q: What if I attended a school other than Field in 9th, 10th, or 11th grade?

    If you attended another high school before coming to Field, you must have a complete official transcript sent to us, and we will attach it to your Field transcript. We do not calculate any previous school's GPA into the Field GPA. We will send with your transcript a Field profile that describes The Field School, its curriculum, and its grading policies.
  • Q: How do I send my standardized test scores to colleges?

    It is your responsibility to send your standardized test scores to the schools to which you apply. Colleges require that they receive your scores directly from the testing services. Once you have decided which scores you wish to send, you may order score reports online at (SATs) or (ACTs). The Common App has a place to self-report your score, but these are not official and your application will not be complete until the official scores are received.
  • Q: When should I take an SAT or an ACT?

    We recommend that you take one of either (or one of each if you want to see which one you might like better) before the end of 11th grade, usually in the spring. This helps get a baseline of where you are, knowing that the vast majority of students will do better on their second attempt. This also helps the college counselor when making an initial college list for the student after the first meeting. Most students take two tests, one in the spring of junior year and another in the fall of senior year. We try to have students take a test no more than three times. Also know there are many wonderful schools out there that are test-optional, and the number of schools that are becoming test-optional grows every year. Many colleges are realizing that the tests do not indicate the success of a student in college and want to look at the student in a more holistic manner, something we at Field enthusiastically support!
  • Q: What is the "Mid-Year Report?"

    The Mid-Year Report is a form that some colleges use to request an update on your academic progress after the first semester of your senior year. You do not need to submit this form to the College Office.  We will automatically send mid-year grades (semester 1) to all the schools to which you have applied.