The Field School Admission Application will be open shortly via Ravenna. Please check back for more info. 

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  • Essay Prompts

    All applicants to Field should follow the prompt below for the grade level they are applying to. Once completed, you will upload your piece(s) through the applicant portal. 

    For applicants grades 6-8:
    Field’s mission is Self-Discovery, Skills of Mind, and Generosity of Heart. Take a blank, 8 ½” x 11” sheet of paper and use it to illustrate (in any form - drawing, writing, photography, origami, whatever you want!) one piece of our mission (Self-Discovery, Skills or Mind, OR Generosity of Heart). Once you've finished, give yourself 15 minutes, and spend some time writing about why you chose this option. Be creative and have fun!

    For applicants grades 9-12:
    A large part of being a member of the Field community is being an active, engaged participant who can "show up" for their fellow classmates. How would you “show up” in the Field community as a student? In the classroom, on the playing field, in the ceramics studio, as a participant in activist work? There are lots of ways our students impact our community, so feel free to be creative! Your answer should be between 250-500 words.