Frequently Asked Questions

List of 7 frequently asked questions.

  • Q: Into what grades does The Field School mainly accept students?

    The Field School accepts students into most grades each year, though the majority of students come to Field in the 6th or 9th grade. Spaces for 7th, 8th, 10th, and 11th grades are available every year in smaller numbers, depending on individual circumstances. Only occasionally do we take new 12th graders. Please give us a call no matter what grade you are interested in and we will help you out.
  • Q: What kinds of students are you looking for?

    Successful Field students come in many forms. Indeed, the first word of Field's seven-word mission statement is "Self-Discovery"—and our students will tell you that one thing they love most about our school is that "at Field, you can truly be yourself and it's OK!" We look for students who are interested in the world, who will benefit from knowing their teachers well (and vice versa), and who want to be part of a small but expansive community—a place where everyone is themselves.
  • Q: Are there students who are likely to be less successful at Field?

    Every student is an individual. That said, here are some rough guidelines. Field provides a great degree of individualized academic discipline, but it is a relaxed and encouraging campus for the most part. Therefore, students who require a high degree of disciplinary structure—students who frequently test the limits of allowed behavior—are not always well-matched to Field. Some students may find the relatively small size of the school (which is reflected in our various programs) may inhibit their development at the highest levels as athletes, musicians, or "advanced placement" students. At the same time, we can proudly point to many Field students who have competed as Division One college athletes, who have attended superb music schools, and (too numerous to count) who have attended the most competitive colleges in the world.
  • Q: What is the difference between the morning tours and the monthly information sessions?

    Field prefers that parents come for the small morning tours and then, if they believe Field may be right for their child, apply and schedule a classroom visit for the student. These small group tours allow you to see the school up-close and the classes in action. They also include a question-and-answer session with the director of admission and enrollment. Though these tours are designed for parents, students interested in the 10th or 11th grade are also welcome.

    The monthly information sessions throughout the first half of the school year are open to students as well as parents, providing a more general view of the school and what it has to offer. We find that students get a much keener picture of Field from the required visit to the school after the formal application has been received. When students visit Field for their day, we realize that they will most likely be seeing the school for the first time. But in our experience, differentiating the visit for students and parents provides the best opportunity for both to understand what Field is all about.
  • Q: Why does Field ask parents to sit in on their child's interview? Isn't that intimidating for the child?

    When each applicant is interviewed by Field's director of admission and enrollment or by an experienced member of the admissions team the questions are directed toward the child. The vast majority of parents tell us that they greatly value the opportunity to hear first-hand about their child's day, and have often learned more about their child and Field by sitting in on the interview. Our experienced interviewers help ease a child's nerves, and we find the time with the applicant and parents to be one of the most valuable parts of the application process. Parents (or students) who feel strongly that parents should not be present for the interview may certainly make that choice, but we recommend otherwise.
  • Q: What if we have trouble getting the online application to work?

    The staff at Infosnap is available to talk you through the online application. If you have trouble, please call their customer support center at 866-752-6850. In our experience, they have never failed to help a family!
  • Q: How do I file for financial aid, and why is the deadline so early?

    Families apply for financial aid by submitting documentation and an application to TADS, a service that analyzes each family's financial situation and sends this analysis to Field. The financial aid committee at Field considers both the TADS report and other info in determining the financial aid award. Financial aid letters are mailed with decision letters in early March. To determine financial aid in time for that mailing date, Field must have all reports in place by January 15.