RK: Takorean -- MH: Chicken + Waffles (vegan option available) -- HUB: California Cobb (click for more details)

RK: Takorean Chicken Dak Galbi (marinated with sweet chili, soybean paste, ginger & soy) with brown rice and spiced kale ; Hoisin tofu with brown rice spiced kale (vegan) *Takorean is NOT gluten-free!*

MH: Crispy Southern Fried Chicken; Belgian Waffle (V); Baked Mac + Cheese (V); Raw Zucchini 'Lasagna' (VG, GF) - pine nut 'ricotta', pistachio pesto, sundried tomato sauce

HUB: California Cobb -
lettuce (VG, GF), turkey (GF), avocado (VG, GF), tomatoes (VG, GF), onions (VG, GF), bacon (GF), blue cheese (V, GF), boiled eggs (V, GF), balsamic (GF, VG) and ranch dressing (V)