RK: Subs from The Italian Store -- MH: Chicken/Veggie Kababs, Rice Pilaf, Hummus & Pita -- HUB: Farmhouse Salad (click for more details)

RK: Subs from The Italian Store

MH: Lemon Chicken Kebabs (GF) -
 glazed with citrus herb vinaigrette, tzatziki sauce (V); Vegetable Kebabs (VG, GF); Basmati Rice Pilaf (GF, V); Hummus & Pita Platter- roasted red pepper hummus  (VG, GF) , cilantro-lime hummus  (VG, GF) , lentil hummus  (V,G GF) served with homemade pita chips

HUB: Farmhouse Salad *CONTAINS NUTS! - 
mesclun greens (VG, GF), grilled citrus chicken (GF), goat cheese (V, GF), toasted pine nuts (VG, GF), golden raisins (VG, GF), cherry tomatoes (VG, GF), chopped apple (VG, GF); Mediterranean Quinoa Salad (VG, GF) - parsely, cucumber, chickpeas, apricot, lemon vinaigrette