RK: Crisp & Juicy -- MH: Orange Chicken -- HUB: Chinese Chicken Salad *CONTAINS NUTS!* (click for more details)

RK: Crisp & Juicy - dark or white meat chicken, beans and rice; Vegetarian meal=Beans + rice and Casear Salad

MH: Orange Chicken -
 wok-tossed crispy chicken in sweet spicy orange sauce; Steamed White Rice (GF, VG); Veggie Egg Rolls (V); Soy Sauce; Whole Fruit available

HUB: Chinese Chicken/Tofu Salad *CONTAINS NUTS!* - Grilled Chicken (GF), grilled tofu (GF, VG), almonds (VG, GF), chinese noodles (VG), red cabbage (GF, VG), red peppers (GF, VG), mandarin oranges (GF, VG), Asian Sesame Ginger Dressing (GF) ; Whole Fruit available