File this under Field students get to learn serious subjects while having fun:an AChem lab creating bright, beautiful colors! 
Adrienne and Steven's Advanced Chemistry class created azo dyes (a type of synthetic dye that contains nitrogen) this week, stirring ingredients together to create a colorful substance. In one step of the multi-day process, students heated their dyes in a thermowell while employing a magnetic stirrer to help dissolve any chunks. 
Azo dyes are known for their vibrant colors, and students were able to create a range of hues! Isabelle Wydler '19 had a bright orange-yellow, seniors Bella Scribner and Nick McClure were each working on a rich red, seniors Zach Neville and Elijah Gur-Arie had created various deep purples, and junior Sierra Fogel-Bublick had managed to transform her previously brown dye into a dark purple-red. Fun fact: Adrienne told the class that greens and blues of these dyes are much harder to make.
Once they finish making their azo dyes, the class is considering mixing the completed dyes with linseed oil to make paint and create a class painting. They're thinking maybe a sunset with all the yellows, oranges, and reds they've created. There's nothing like making your own art materials, after all!