The beginning of the school year has been full of excitement and spirit. There have been new classmates to meet and systems to learn (how do I find my homework on the Whip? Which one is the B building?), an energetic middle school scavenger hunt, surprise popsicles after school, sports practices, and more. Seniors even got off to an early start thanks to a college application boot camp that counselors Amy and Jessica arranged for them in August.
Student Government Association (SGA) co-executives Jewel '20 and Drew '20 kicked off an all-school gathering with a warm welcome as they recounted their own first days at school and encouraged their classmates to help new students find their way. They also showed a music video they had made with 10th grader Ari.
The ninth grade tackled their annual class trip to Calleva and started bonding as a team while braving ropes courses and other challenges together.
Teachers dove right in with introductory lessons and started getting to know their students. Liz's math class gave introductions with a pair-and-share exercise, while Hugh's students learned how to ask each other's names in Latin. (Quod nomen tibi est?). History teachers brought artifacts from their own lives for students to make deductions and inferences ("a Wesleyan University student ID... David must have gone there!") to kick off their exploration of ancient history through the year, and Steven's science students tried to find the quickest way to pass around a tennis ball—the scientific method at work.
It's been a great start so far. Huge thanks to our tireless facilities crew, staff, and faculty for all their hard work to ensure a smooth start to school. As we round the corner on the first week, we're all looking forward to the year ahead. Stay tuned!