The ceramics room filled with the whoosh of blow dryers as students pointed the hot air at miniature white pumpkins onto which they had glued unwrapped crayons. The noise turned to excited oohs and aahs when the crayons melted and dripped down the pumpkins to create a colorful autumnal design. Welcome to the first pop-up SHAM of the year!
We all know that SHAM is study hall, honors, activities, and meetings, but a pop-up SHAM is a new phenomenon, initiated just last year by then-senior Zach Neville '19 with a four-week course about the history, economics, and science of chocolate. (Read more about that SHAM here.) This year, that one mini-class has multiplied into a running pop-up SHAM for clubs or classes that might not fill the post-lunch period for the entire year.
First up to the plate was a mini-adventure in crafting created and led by seventh grader Sylvia. It started last Friday in the ceramics room with pumpkins and will wrap up tomorrow with decoupaged glass lanterns. Sylvia even came up with a back-up lesson plan in case the scheduled activity didn't take the entire class period—talk about preparation and leadership!

Students who want to join in the fun this week should check in with Aaron Bachmann, Director of Student Life (and 12th grade head) or pop-up SHAM proctor (and ninth grade head) Kata Solow. And keep an eye out for future pop-up SHAMs—they promise to be a lot of fun!