No tricks here, only treats—if you followed the smell of chocolate chip cookies a few weeks ago, you'd find Matt Gaston's Science 6 class conducting a tasty science experiment in the Receiving Kitchen. Students created their own rubrics to help determine whether cookies tasted better with more of certain ingredients added to the recipe. A cautious control group made sure to mix their (pre-prepared) dough a bit to match the textures of the variable groups, who were busy adding butter, salt, and chocolate to their dough. After the ding of the oven timer and an excited queue as Matt handed out the fruits of their labor, students filled out their rubrics—how was the texture? Flavor? Temperature? Appearance? Sweetness?
Results of an unofficial poll indicated that adding (an entire stick of) butter or (a generous amount of) salt to the cookies was less pleasing than loading the cookies up with additional chocolate. But you'll have to ask a sixth grader for their official scientific findings!