Winter Internship

For the past two weeks, Field interns have been immersed in experiential learning. This is the culmination of Field’s unique internship process where students find internships that align with their interests. Along the way, students learn new skills and gain valuable experience doing outreach to potential hosts, writing resumes, honing interview skills, diving into existing passions, and discovering new passions!
Through internships this year, students have been observing surgeries, preparing materials for conferences, making architectural models, working with children, spending time with seniors, shadowing scientists, observing trials, making robots, working on Capitol Hill, building graphic design skills, and so much more! Simultaneously, we've had students on campus participating in a professional theater experience, students participating in the world peace game and creating art, students serving the DC community, and students exploring Spain and the American West. Every year brings new experiences and we look forward to hearing all about them when students return to campus.
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