Health Update | November 4

Brief Description: I am pleased to report that we have received the results of this week's testing and no one tested positive for Covid-19. 
We are very excited to welcome students back to school tomorrow! I am pleased to report that we’ve received the results of our baseline testing and no one tested positive for Covid-19. We understand that some results were delayed to individuals. We are looking into why that is, but we have received the full battery of results in our report. While this is good news, as you know, testing is not failsafe. There can be false negatives and it is possible for a test to have been administered too close in time to the exposure to show up. For these reasons, testing alone simply is not sufficient to keep our community safe and our students in school. As the CDC has made clear, it is imperative that students and families maintain physical distancing and wear masks in public spaces.

We recently sent out an email detailing our expectations for families. In order to keep our students, faculty, and immunocompromised family members safe, all members of our community must follow the protocols we’ve laid out. This is particularly important to remember as the holiday season approaches, beginning with Halloween, and including Thanksgiving. Students celebrating Halloween, even if engaged in outdoor activities such as trick-or-treating, should remain mindful of safety protocols, and wear a mask and maintain physical distance at all times. Further, any student who travels to any state included on the District of Columbia’s list of high-risk states, must quarantine for 14 days before returning to school.   

I know we are all experiencing pandemic fatigue, but Covid rates are surging around the country. Daily positivity rates and hospital admissions remain low in the greater D.C. area, but we cannot be lulled into a false sense of complacency. I have faith and confidence that everyone will make the sacrifices necessary to prioritize community health and our students remaining in school.

Lori Strauss
Head of School