Health Update | November 20

This morning we were informed promptly that a parent (secondary contact) has tested positive for Covid-19. The family is now in quarantine and has not had any contact with the Field community outside of school.
Dear Friends,

This morning we were informed that the parent of one of our Upper School students tested positive for Covid-19. As soon as we learned of this, the student--who was on campus this week and has no symptoms of Covid-19 -- was sent home. While on campus, in accordance with our policies, the student had been wearing a mask and maintaining a physical distance from others. Further, the family has confirmed that the student has not had contact with any Field community members outside of school.

The student’s family is now in quarantine at home. This secondary positive test result does not require anyone else in the Field community to quarantine or be tested. As we do every day, the school will be thoroughly cleaned, sanitized and disinfected.

We are thankful the student’s parent notified us promptly of the positive test result so we could take appropriate action and inform our community. This serves as a reminder to all of us to remain vigilant in our precautions, especially going into the Thanksgiving holiday. If a member of your family develops symptoms consistent with Covid-19 at any point, please notify the school by emailing Carrie Johnson at

As we navigate this difficult period, please keep in mind that children are influenced by the reaction of adults when confronting challenging issues. We encourage everyone to be empathetic and respectful to those affected.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Lori Strauss
Head of School