Health Update | November 23

This morning we were informed promptly that a sibling (secondary contact) has tested positive for Covid-19. The family is now in quarantine and has not had any contact with the Field community outside of school. 
Dear Friends:

Earlier today, Field was informed that a sibling of an 11th grade student tested positive for Covid-19. The Field student, who was last on campus on Thursday the 19th, was tested this morning, but to avoid the possibility of transmission the student’s entire family is now quarantining.

We contacted the Department of Health (DOH), which considers contact with the 11th grade student “secondary exposure.” DOH suggested -- in an abundance of caution -- that we telephone families whose students were in class with the 11th grader on Thursday and inform them of the sibling’s diagnosis. In accordance with CDC recommendations, however, those students are not required to quarantine, but have been asked to self-monitor for 14 days. 

We are thankful the student’s family notified us promptly of the positive test result so we could take appropriate action and inform our community. Though we are grateful the Field community has experienced so few Covid-19 cases up to now, given that infections are increasing both across the country and in our area it is, unfortunately, likely that additional members of our community will contract the disease. To protect ourselves, our families, and our community, it is imperative that we all remain vigilant in our precautions, especially as we move into the holidays. If a member of your family develops symptoms consistent with Covid-19 at any point, please notify the school by emailing  Carrie Johnson at  

This is a challenging time for children and adults alike. I am so proud of the empathy and consideration our community continues to demonstrate as we continue facing the pandemic.

As always, please contact me if you have any questions.

Lori Strauss
Head of School