COVID Protocols for 6th Grade Students | August 10, 2021

Protecting our community from the spread of Covid-19 is of utmost importance to us. 
Dear 6th Grade Families,

Protecting our community from the spread of Covid-19 is of utmost importance to us. As you read in Lori’s message (7/29/21), we are requiring that all students, staff and faculty provide proof of vaccination once eligible. For our 6th grade students, this means that most students will become fully vaccinated at some point during this school year. 

We are requiring that all students are fully vaccinated within six weeks of their eligibility. As your student becomes eligible and receives their vaccinations, please update the Magnus Health portal with the relevant information. 

The D.C. Department of Health and medical research across the country has informed our decision all along to take a layered approach in terms of our risk mitigation strategies. For our 6th grade students, we are adding additional layers in our effort to prioritize their health and safety and the health and safety of our entire community.

All 6th grade students must:
  • Enter the school at a designated entrance for the 6th grade (the Red Door in front of the Cafritz House). Note: if a student arrives late to school, they should check-in at the front office (enter at the main entrance) for their health screening.
  • Upon arrival, students will undergo an in-person health screening recommended by the D.C. Department of Health: Ask, Ask, Look. Students will be asked about any symptoms, any potential exposure to a Covid-19 positive individual, and undergo a visual inspection for signs of illness.
  • Eat lunch in a designated, physically distanced lunch area that will be supervised by an adult to monitor distancing and mask-free time. 
  • Wear a mask at all times, except when eating and drinking. 

If a student does not pass the Ask, Ask, Look screening, we will be calling home to have the student picked up and evaluated by a health professional. Students who are sent home due to Covid-related symptoms must provide a negative rapid or PCR test before returning to school. 

We appreciate your cooperation in doing your part to help keep our community healthy as we return to school this fall. If you have questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out.


Julia Gaylord
Assistant Head of School
Field School