Summer Wishes

By Lori Strauss, Head of School

Head of School Lori Strauss shares her wishes for a summer full of adventure, connection, rejuvenation, and a smooth transition to the next level for all students and graduates.

At this time each year, I look back on all of the “In-Between” times where I knew I had accomplished something important yet felt weighed down by the rising expectations of what came next. Transitions don’t get enough attention. For students and teachers, we are faced with a transition every summer. 

One of the most important routines when heading into a transition is to take a moment to celebrate what you have accomplished. Recognizing how far you have come—whether it was founding a new club such as the Field Radio or Social Action Club, improving your best time on the track, struggling to understand mathematical proofs and now being able to help a friend with their homework, to standing up in front of your classroom and confidently making a presentation in French—you should feel pride in yourself and gratitude to the community which supported you.  

With each transition, whether you are headed off to college, moving from middle to upper school, or you are entering Field for the very first time, I have four wishes for your summer: 

A wish for adventure—Whether it is spending afternoons exploring the paths of Rock Creek Park, a family vacation for the first time in two years or a book that takes you to an unfamiliar place. 

A wish for connection—Stepping away from our phones and computers to hang out with a friend, have lunch with a grandparent, or inviting someone from school to go to the pool with you. 

A wish for rejuvenation—You have worked hard and it’s time to move at a slower pace and on a different schedule allowing your mind, body and heart to wander.  

And finally, a wish for you as you grow and embrace new beginnings at Field or in college in September.