The Excitement for a New Year

Lori Strauss, Head of School
Head of School Lori Strauss looks forward to welcoming students and families back to school for the 2022-23 school year.
Dear Field Families,

With August upon us, the energy and excitement are beginning to build on campus. Our faculty returning from vacation are swapping stories of travel and professional development conferences. As faculty returns feeling energized and ready to start the 2022-2023 school year, we are eager to welcome our students back to campus. 

This edition of the Falcon Press is focused on logistics and preparation to return. Whether you are beginning your journey at Field or preparing for your final year and the march to graduation, the way you prepare is the foundation for a successful beginning.  

Go ahead and add pre-season sports practices to your calendar, revisit your summer reading (either the book assigned to your grade or another from the list), order a new box of your favorite pens, catch up with friends, and focus on a hope you have for this year. Maybe it's a change in a habit that you know isn't serving you well (if you are like me, it is overthinking most things), or maybe it's something tangible like developing a friendship with someone who shares your interests (perhaps exploring new neighborhoods in DC).  

At the end of each year, we ask you to reflect on the year, appreciate your accomplishments, and discover how you have grown. As the 2022-23 school year begins, we will ask you to consider how you can positively contribute to our community and the learning environment. Don't worry; we will get much more specific and participate in thinking exercises and activities to do this work together at our parent nights and with students in advisory. 

We will get there, and in the meantime, enjoy the last weeks of summer. Come back with some good stories. We cannot wait to hear them. We look forward to seeing all of you. 

Lori Strauss