Maddie Cloud

Science Teacher
Reader, Learner, Gamer

Maddie Cloud has been working at Field since 2021. She teaches Biology and Advanced Biology to upper school students and she is an 8th grade adviser. Outside of Field, she’s a reader, a learner, and a gamer, among many other things. Get to know Maddie and find out which country she used to called home.  

Where did you grow up?
Atlanta, GA

What is your alma mater?
Grinnell College (undergraduate); American University (graduate)

What is your favorite book or podcast?
Stuff You Should Know (podcast)

What is something that people at The Field School might not know about you?
I used to live and work in Japan.

What hobbies do you have outside of The Field School?
I read, play video and board games with friends, bake, and cross stitch.

What was the first concert you ever attended?
Britney Spears, 2001

If you could share one piece of advice with your younger self, what would it be?
Enjoy the things you enjoy freely. Feeling guilty over things that bring you happiness is a waste of energy.

What do you love most about working at The Field School?
The ability to craft Biology lessons with innovative colleagues that cover deep, interdisciplinary questions in scientific discovery, not just facts about cells.v