Gerry Oshman

English Teacher
Vegan, Hiker, Aspiring Buddhist

Say hello to Gerry Oshman – one of the English teachers at Field! Gerry has lived all over the world including in Lithuania and Hong Kong! She even spent some time in Bosnia doing relief work after the war. Keep reading to to find out Gerry’s biggest inspiration!!

Where did you grow up?

What is your alma mater?
McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario

What is your favorite book or podcast?
Siddhartha by Herman Hesse

What is something that people at The Field School might not know about you?
I did relief work in Bosnia after the war.

What hobbies do you have outside The Field School?
Hiking, vegan cooking, and thrifting

What was the first concert you ever attended?
Olivia Newton-John

Who inspires you and why?
My son, Finn. He is big-hearted, quirky, wicked smart, and more adaptable than any teenager should have to be.

If you could share one piece of advice with your younger self, what would it be?
Be kinder and show more appreciation to my high-school teachers. 

What do you love most about working at The Field School?
My colleagues!