Reflection and Gratitude

By Lori Strauss, Head of School

Head of School Lori Strauss reflects on the 22-23 school year and shares her gratitude for this community.

At graduation on Sunday, members of the Class of 2023 reflected with immense gratitude on their Field experience: 

“During my time at Field, I have had countless teachers who not only embraced mistakes in the classroom but encouraged them. I can attribute much of who I am to the comfort of learning to laugh those mistakes off and grow both academically and personally. So, thank you, Field, for connecting me with such positive mentors and providing an environment that forced me to find my confidence.” Brooke Goldberg, Dickinson College

“As I reflect more, I realize that being a Field student has meant something much harder to define. It is not just the memories I have made here, but the feeling of being supported in a uniquely creative environment that has made Field a home—where I have been able to explore my passions and grow as a person. To everyone who works tirelessly to make Field “Field,” thank you for making my time here special. I hope you know your impact on our lives reaches far beyond lessons in STEM or the humanities.” Aidan Armagh, Columbia University

“I have spent 35 hours with you for approximately 240 weeks. You have shaped me into a smart, empathetic, and welcoming person. You have introduced me to my best friends and most trusted adults. I know high school is temporary, and college will take me onto bigger and better things, but I'm not sure I'm ready to leave you.” India Macdonald, Hamilton College

“A school built for each and every one of us to not just thrive but grow. A space where we’re truly encouraged to be unique, moving to the beat of our own drum, our drums never having to sound the same or even be a drum for that matter.” Deontae Johnson, University of Pennsylvania

I share that same gratitude. 

For the community who showed up to celebrate Homecoming, Winter Arts Showcase, our 50th anniversary Dare to Be Field fundraiser, Studio Day, and parent coffees, thank you for helping to shape this culture of joy and belonging. 

For the students who showed up in classrooms for lively debates, edited an essay for the umpteenth time, conquered a lab report that initially frustrated them, and tried out a new studio class this year thereby discovering a new interest, thank you for providing hope for our shared future. 

For the parents who volunteered to set up prom, work the blood drive, support The Field Fund, and attend theater productions and athletic events while proudly sporting Field gear, thank you for partnering with the school to support our students. 

For the faculty who come to work everyday committed to meeting the academic, social, and emotional needs of every student in their classroom and for the countless hours of planning and assessing outside of school hours, thank you for inspiring all of us to be lifelong learners.  

Have a wonderful summer and we will see you in September. To our graduates - don’t be strangers. Our door at Field is always open.


Lori Strauss 
Head of School