About Field

A Letter from Dale, the Head of School

Welcome to The Field School!

Our website will give you a peek into the variety and richness of a Field experience. Through our words, pictures, and videos, you can step into our buildings, glimpse the energy and depth of our students and faculty, and taste the unique Field atmosphere—home to self-discovery, skills of mind, and generosity of heart.

So many people—particularly alumni, parents, and students—have said to me, "Field is school the way it ought to be." Absolutely. Small classes allow for a huge amount of individual attention, and our varied teaching methods focus on skills rather than huge swaths of facts to be memorized. With plenty of "learning by doing" and no AP classes in the high school, Field feels different from many other excellent DC schools. Yet we focus on relatively "classical" content and have a record of college admissions that will impress you.

In my 27 years as a teacher, coach, and Head of School at Field, it has been a joy to watch so many children pass through these halls and move successfully and confidently into the world of college and beyond. Their path is proof that giving teenagers an extraordinary experience leads them to become extraordinary adults. How does Field do this? By providing an ideal blend of focus on academic excellence and individual expression—all in a relaxed, joyful atmosphere.

Among the many DC area independent schools, Field stands out for these reasons:

  • Uniquely small class sizes, with a median of 11 students and a student-teacher ratio of six to one. Field students receive an unmatched level of attention and personal instruction. Teachers and students establish strong relationships that spark authentic learning.
  • Classroom focus on inquiry, analysis and creativity that teaches our students to be intellectually curious and unafraid to raise a unique perspective. Because Field does not follow “tracks” that separate students based on levels of academic achievement, students learn that there is more than one way to think, to process information, and to express an idea.
  • An ethos that promotes, indeed demands, that the students are engaged—in classes, the school, and the community. All students participate in inclusive studio arts and athletic programs, as well as our two-week winter internship program.
Field provides this and more in an inviting atmosphere that encourages intellectual and personal diversity, freeing students to achieve success in their own way. This environment sends a strong message of acceptance and individuality—which may be the richest lesson of all.

Enjoy your online visit to Field!

Dale Johnson, Head of School