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The Search for a New Head of School

The Field School Board of Trustees is searching for Field's next Head of School, who will begin on July 1, 2020. The Board has engaged the services of Clay Stites and Tony Featherston of Resource Group 175, LLC (RG175) to help steer the search and recruitment process. With Field’s mission and core values at the forefront, the Board is committed to conducting a thorough, professional, and transparent search for the next Head of School, with frequent updates and opportunities for input from the Field community.

Happening now!

All-Community Survey

The Board of Trustees and RG175 are conducting a survey of the entire community. If you haven't received the link to the survey, please contact headofschoolsearch@fieldschool.org so we can share it with you.
To reach Search Committee Chair Ryan Katz and Board Chair Allison Madan about the search, please email them at HeadOfSchoolSearch@fieldschool.org.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Q: How will the Field community be kept informed about the search?

    Updates regarding the search will be shared through periodic emails to the community when particular milestones have been reached. Updates will also be made to this webpage.
  • Q: What is the timeline for the search?

    RG175, the firm assisting with the search for Field’s next Head of School, will be conducting their discovery and survey phase in early 2019. Anne Foley will continue to serve as Field’s Interim Head of School through the 2019-2020 school year while the search process progresses. It is anticipated that a new Head of School will begin on July 1, 2020.
  • Q: How can I be involved in the search? How can I give my input?

    The Board welcomes the entire Field community's input during the search process. RG175 will share a survey with all members of the Field community via email in early February 2019. This survey will help RG175 put together a position description which will be shared with prospective candidates. 
    Please reach out if you have not been receiving emails from Field's Board of Trustees regarding the search and we will troubleshoot to ensure you receive the survey. We hope our entire community will take the time to respond.
  • Q: Who will make the final hiring decision?

    The Board of Trustees is responsible for hiring Field’s Head of School. During the search process, the Board will seek input from the entire community, but the final hiring decision will be made by the Board.

Search Leadership

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  • Search Committee

    Ryan KatzSearch Committee Chair (Board of Trustees, Parent ’21, ’19, ’18)
    Andy Altman (Board of Trustees, Parent ’22, ’25)
    Paula Anderson (Board of Trustees, Parent ’22)
    Desmond Beach (Dean of Community and Culture)
    Suzanne Brown (Deputy Director of Advancement, Parent ’18)
    Helen Cymrot (Alum ’95, Parent ’23, ’25)
    Ermira Elmazaj (Language Department Chair)
    Julia GaylordEx officio, staff to Committee Chair (Director of Strategic Initiatives)
    Amy Howe (Board of Trustees, Parent ’21)
    David Kongstvedt (Alum ’06, Faculty)
    Chris Lorrain (Faculty)
    Allison MadanEx officio (Chair, Board of Trustees; Parent ’21, ’15)
    Ali Muhammad, Ex officio (President, Field Parents Association; Parent ’20)
    Rindy O’Brien (Board of Trustees, Parent ’00)
    Will Pecau (Board of Trustees, Parent ’18, ’20)
    Donnie Shaw (Parent ’13, ’19)
    Bob Shorb (Board of Trustees, Parent ’15)
  • Board of Trustees 2018-2019

    Allison Madan, Chair
    William Pecau, Vice Chair
    Ryan Katz, Treasurer
    Timur Tunador, Secretary
    Andy Altman
    Paula Anderson
    Jane Angarola
    Matthew Gould '86
    Amy Howe
    Dale Johnson, Ex officio
    Cecilia Lewis
    Ali Muhammad, Ex officio
    Oliver Nicholas '01
    Rindy O'Brien
    Bob Shorb