On Tuesday, representatives from Field's new senior class (2019!) walked up the stairs, behind the lectern, and in front of the entire school to speak at our official welcome back assembly—a school gathering that helps set the tone for the year. Head of School Dale Johnson kicked off the gathering by talking about the role of student voice at Field, and Desmond Beach, our dean of community and culture, introduced the equity theme for the year: #storytelling. (The hashtag is part of it!)
The five speakers from the class of 2019 shared their own inspiring, thoughtful, and thought-provoking stories. Jack talked about his experience on the swim team (his event is the individual medley, in case you were wondering) and the importance of branching out to try new things and meet new people. The tough (but rewarding) decision to break with tradition and attend Field—a very different school from her previous school—was the theme of Emma's story. Singer Kayla spoke bravely about how music has helped her get stronger and more confident. "Remember that the older students are here for you," said Cara, reminiscing about a trip to Chipotle with older students during finals when she learned that lesson herself. Carter reflected thoughtfully about what makes a good leader after having the opportunity to talk with an influential business leader this summer. And Sebastian had the audience in rapt attention at his beautiful rendition of "Hallelujah," which he accompanied himself on the acoustic guitar.
But that wasn't all the student voice at the gathering—the assembly started with a student band performance by Conrad '21, Ben '20, Ben '21, and Kamal '20, playing a song they'd written.
As Dale said in his remarks, the Meeting House is a special place where we can gather as a whole school to hear performances and stories and to share our voices together. The #storytelling theme will continue throughout the year—and our community has many voices to hear and many amazing stories to tell. We hope you'll share yours!