What better way to review math than to build a living graph? Students came to geometry class this week to discover a coordinate plane marked on the floor in blue tape—and the students themselves were to become the points on the grid!
Math teacher Liz Chausse planned the lesson for the geometry team as a fun, creative way to review what students remembered from taking algebra, especially the slope-intercept form of a straight line: y=mx+b. One student was assigned to be the y-intercept (b), standing on the blue tape, and other students had to climb the slope (m)—rise first, then run—and find another point on the line. 
A favorite moment during 5th period block was geometry teacher Kate Breslin acting out how she remembers "rise over run" for the slope of a line. "If I'm sitting at home feeling like a couch potato and I want to get up and exercise, first I have to RISE UP!" Kate exclaimed as she jumped out of her chair, momentarily startling the nearest students. "And then I can RUN!" she said as she dashed exaggeratedly across the classroom. "Rise first, then run!" By this time, the whole class was laughing. Here's guessing those students will remember the order of a slope for a long time!