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Winter Internship

Sixth Grade Experience

We ease our youngest students into their first internship experience by providing them with a structured program. However, just like the older students, they intern off campus, with real organizations, doing real work that has an impact outside of Field.

The sixth grade experience is traditionally hands-on and focused on life and job skills. For the 2017-2018 school year, students had two exciting weeks. Students spent one week working in Field’s ceramics studio to create functional pieces that benefit Field and other organizations. This was followed by one week working with Bits of Thread sewing studio, learning technical sewing skills and completing a service project for the non-profit organization Only Make Believe by sewing props and costumes.

The sixth grade experience guides students through their first internship experience and gives them confidence for their future internships. We do the “finding of the internship” part of the job for them. But the experience is all theirs.

Questions? Contact Roya Farhadi Koczak.

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