Student Life

Middle School Athletics

Let's talk about middle school sports!

At Field, we are excited to offer our middle school athletes a wide range of opportunities to engage in regular physical activity. The middle school athletics program strives to meet the overall mission of our athletic department by being inclusive, ambitious, and competitive.

All middle schoolers participate in a sport all three seasons—through physical education classes, competitive teams for all skill levels, or a special skill-building program just for middle schoolers, the Middle School Intramural Team (MS IM).

The Middle School Intramural Team:
  • Offered all three seasons (fall, winter, spring) to all middle school grades (6, 7, 8). This program runs during the school day (during SHAM) three days per week.
  • This program is designed to serve athletes who would prefer to work on skill development in the sports offered that season without interscholastic competition.
  • The program provides strong coaching in sports skills. Students may choose to use this as a jumping-off point to join in the after-school program.
  • Participation in the Middle School Intramural Team is inclusive and voluntary. Any one who wants to join, can. No one is told they must choose this option due to skill level in a sport.
Our coaches love working with all skill levels in middle school sports—from the total beginner to those students who are ready for varsity competition. The Field School's athletic program is a fun, encouraging, and hardworking atmosphere for all students!

Middle School Sports Requirement

Grades 6, 7, and 8: Middle school students are required to participate in athletics during all three sports seasons of the year. Each season, students will be able to choose between after-school options and an in-school option designed to develop the skills of the sports offered that season. Eighth-grade students must participate in one after-school team sport during the course of their eighth grade year. Choices vary by grade—see this year's options here.