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Be True, Fly High, Go Field!

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  • Inclusive

    Everyone at Field participates in athletics and we don’t have cuts. All students are given the opportunity to develop their own sense of responsibility, teamwork, cooperation, and sportsmanship.
  • Ambitious

    We aim to get the best out of our athletes and push them to think big. Because of our wide variety of options, students can explore and develop all of their athletic talents, abilities, and interests.

  • Competitive

    With over 70 PVAC league championship banners on our gym walls, we strive to best our competition while maintaining the integrity and sportsmanship that characterizes Field.

Sports at Field:
Everyone Plays

At The Field School, we believe that sports ought to be for every student. Every young person ought to get exercise after classes, have some fun, have teammates, and learn sportsmanship.

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  • No Cuts

    We don't cut any student from any sport they want to play. Not that we don't compete. But we create enough teams—from middle school all the way up to varsity—so that there is room for everyone who wants to be involved.

  • Room to Grow, and Win Championships

    Our best athletes have room to grow, competing in the Potomac Valley Athletic Conference (PVAC) with other schools about our size (Edmund Burke, Sandy Spring, and others). In recent years we have won league or tournament championships in volleyball, cross country, track + field, and tennis. But students who may have never played a sport before are also welcome to join teams where they can learn, have fun, and try their hand at something new.

    At Field, we believe that middle school or even high school is not "too late" to try something new, even in sports. We have heard countless times: "I didn't think I liked sports...until I got to Field."

  • Teachers as Coaches

    Field coaches are drawn almost entirely from our faculty, so the playing field is a place where they are getting to know students from a new point of view.

    Our middle school students play for an hour or so, four days each week, during all three seasons. Students in grades 9-11 must play on a team or do three days a week of a physical education activity for two seasons. Most students exceed our requirements because sports at Field are fun!

Athletic Director

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