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Lunch: A Longstanding Field Tradition


Did you know that parents have helped provide a lunch each day since Field’s founding in 1972? That tradition has lived long past the brownstone on Wyoming Avenue and to this day supports the school’s lunch program and offers variety to the student body on a daily basis.

Today, each Field family is counted on to provide a lunch once a year—either through providing a meal (for 125 people) or participating in our “Green Guarantee” program ($1,000). 

Providing lunch is easy to do!  Resources are available to guide you in selecting a lunch but you are welcome to deliver a meal from any outside restaurant, or even prepare a homemade meal to bring in on your assigned day. (Yes, there are families that still do that!) Alternatively, Field’s "Green Guarantee" program makes it easy for those who prefer the school to take care of choosing and coordinating a meal on their behalf.

Parents providing lunch are welcome to come to school and help serve their meal on their assigned day.  It’s a great opportunity to see the school in action and connect with kids and teachers in the lunch line!


The Meeting House has a self-serve hot lunch that's prepared daily and features a rotating menu of nutritious and seasonal favorites, offered with whole fruit.  

The Hub features a salad bar featuring locally sourced ingredients, containing protein (including vegetarian), vegetables, grains, and greens.

In the Receiving Kitchen, parent-provided lunches are portioned and plated individually for students to grab and go.

All lunches are available for $5. Daily options are posted on our lunch calendar—with gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan options available each day.

Questions? Contact Heather Garvin.

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    Continuing our efforts to be a more environmentally friendly school, Field's lunch program does not include bottled beverages. We have hydration stations for fast, easy access to filtered, chilled water at numerous locations around campus. Students are encouraged to bring their own reusable water bottles and fill 'em up!
Field's lunch program is economical, nutritious, diverse, and fun!