Internships and Community Service

Generosity of Heart in Action

The Field School values community service and considers it an important component of each student’s learning.

The Field School uses a narrow definition of community service that is different from that of most schools. We define community service as volunteering in an organization that directly benefits people of need.

Each upper school student must complete a minimum of sixty (60) hours. This does not include the summer before 9th grade. Upper School students can meet their community service requirement by completing one community service internship.


A student’s community service requirement is fulfilled in one year of Winter Internship at an approved site during grades 9-11. This assumes a full 60-hour internship is completed.

If a student chooses to fulfill the community service requirement outside of the Winter Internship program, they must get prior approval from the Community Service and Trips Coordinator. The outside requirement is a minimum of 60 hours at an approved site. These hours must be documented and an official, signed letter outlining the nature of service and number of hours must be turned in to the Community Service and Trips Coordinator. Hours begin to accrue in the fall of grade 9.

Students new to Field in grade 12 can meet the community service requirement by dedicating their Winter Internship period to community service at an approved site, or by volunteering 20 hours at an approved site.