Student Life

SHAM: Study Hall, Honors, Activities, and Meetings

SHAM: A time to think, lead, explore, and reflect

SHAM stands for Study Hall, Honors, Activities, and Meetings, and it is a daily fixture in our students' lives. SHAM is a typical 40-minute block of time following lunch each day. Monday is reserved for meetings—class meetings, all-school assemblies, and Winter Internship meetings. Tuesday through Friday, students enjoy a period of time during the day where they can participate in a variety of activities and honors classes based solely on their interests. Unlike other middle and high schools, where clubs and activities take place primarily before or after school—and often conflict, forcing students to choose—SHAM is built into each day, allowing students to play sports, to be musicians, to feed their love of theater, anime, Seinfeld, and robotics—to participate in the activities that make them happy, and that ultimately help to shape their character.

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  • Activities

    Activities are student-run—students choose the topics, design the curriculum for a whole year of activities, and work closely with faculty to manage every aspect of the experience. These activities are very unique—and very Field. They can be educational—Model UN, Debate, Robotics...or fun—Wiffleball Club, Harry Potter, Scooby-Doo. In addition to offering a built-in environment where students can learn what they want with others who share their various passions, activities help students build great leadership and community-building skills.
  • Honors

    Honors classes are on the opposite end of the spectrum—rather than the students, it's the teachers who choose unique topics that they are are passionate about, beyond their current classroom assignments—like The Story of War or Puppetry. By sharing their personal interests in the classroom, our Honors classes create a vibrant discussion centered on discovery and exploration. See sidebar for the most recent available listing of Honors courses!
  • Study Hall

    On days when students aren't signed up for an activity or honors class, they're assigned to a specific room for study hall. Here, they have an opportunity to catch up on homework, study for a test, receive tutoring, or meet with a teacher with any questions about class. Don't get SHAM study hall confused with LSH (Lunch Study Hall)! If a student has not handed in an assignment for class, they may be required to attend LSH. LSH takes priority over all SHAM activities and honors classes, and meets in grade-specific rooms each day from 12:15 to 1:15.
  • 6th & 7th Grades

    For most students in 6th and 7th grades, SHAM on Monday, Wednesday and Friday is PE class. Students who aren't signed up for PE go to study hall on these days. On Tuesday and Thursday, both 6th and 7th graders are eligible for activities, and 7th graders are eligible for honors.

Aaron Bachmann, Director of Student Life

Activities are one of the best opportunities for student leadership at Field. The key to it all is the students—they're the ones who come up with the ideas and run the clubs...and they get to see what it takes to lead their peers.