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The Field School Advisory Program ensures that we embody a central principal at Field: that every student is seen and known.

Advisors track students' academic, social, and emotional progress while also serving as advocate, mentor, facilitator, and coach. To fully see and know our students, we must transfer much of the individual work Grade Heads have previously done with students to the Advisors who will have the opportunity to see our students regularly in this very different year.  Though not in the same role, Grade Heads will serve in other capacities as integral team members, helping coordinate grade-level programming. This shift in communication structure may take some getting used to for all of us--students, teachers, and parents. We will all work towards a smooth transition, as we know it is in the best interest of our students. 
Advisory Groups will remain together for the entirety of the year. Advisors are responsible for connecting students to the school community, helping students stay on top of their academics, and assisting students in setting both academic and person goals, as well as communicating with home. Advisors will be reaching over the next couple of weeks to introduce themselves and to welcome your students to their advisory group.

We are dedicated to working to enhance our academic program so that all students at Field, regardless of their learning profile, experience great success. Together we will strengthen pedagogy, create new systems to monitor student progress, and embed additional academic supports in our classes in order to better meet the needs of our students with documented learning accommodations.  
In order to best support students, there are a few items that we need from you. If your child has documented learning accommodations, please complete the following PARENT FORM. Please also send a copy of your child's most recent testing to Jenny Tully, Academic Services Coordinator, if you have not shared it with the school already. Information about unique learning needs and accommodations will be used to create a Learning Profile that will be shared with each of their teachers.  If you do not wish to share diagnoses with their teachers, please indicate that on the Parent Form. 
The School will permit students to use accommodations on assessments when appropriate documents are provided to the Academic Services Coordinator. The family must provide the School with a report from a qualified professional outside the school (such as an educational psychologist, qualified physician, or learning disability specialist), stating the accommodations that are recommended and required due to a specific learning difference or other condition, the nature of which is described.

A member of the Field community since 2003, Dr. John Kalil has been with Field for decades, and he has not only the outside expertise that teachers and students need but also a familiarity with Field’s values and methods. He is a critical and compassionate resource for students, teachers, and parents.

Field’s college counselors know their stuff—and their students. Our team works hand-in-hand with families to search for the right match. 
Students and families begin regular meetings with the Field College Counseling team in GR11 and begin coordinating application processes that includes a personal letter from Field that tells each student's unique story.

Student Guidance Team

List of 6 members.

  • Photo of Tina Arrington

    Tina Arrington 

    School Counselor
  • Photo of Elizabeth Weaver

    Elizabeth Weaver 

    Dean of Middle School; English Teacher
  • Photo of Tara McHale

    Tara McHale 

    Dean of Students; Math Teacher
  • Photo of Desmond Beach

    Desmond Beach 

    Dean of Community & Culture
  • Photo of John Kalil

    John Kalil 

    Consulting School Psychologist
  • Jenny Tully 

    Academic Services Coordinator