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For students looking for an experience other than an internship, Field offers the Internship Show—a professional theater experience that take students outside the traditional classroom and into a place of collaborative "learning by doing." No prior experience is required!
All students are welcome to join, regardless of their level of experience. Students are given hands-on access to all areas of production, rehearsal, and performance, with teaching and guidance from adult facilitators who have professional experience in each area. It's a great opportunity to really learn how the theater world works!

In working on the Internship Show, students are treated every bit as professionals in the theater world—expected to show up on time, get their jobs done, and put in a long day in pursuit of a joint goal. Field student actors learn about ensemble-building, character development, text, voice, and physicality. Other special-area workshops also occur throughout the two-week rehearsal process, including stage combat, costume design, and stage makeup. The student production team works to design and build the set; design, hang, and focus lights; design, acquire, and build costumes; and design sound for the show. A student stage manager serves as "Team Captain" for all these moving parts.

The experience culminates in four performances across two weekends at The Field School. In 2017, students acted, built sets, created costumes, and managed tech for Tom Stoppard's The Real Inspector Hound, and in 2018, students put on Lindsay Price's Circus Olympus.

Questions? Contact Allie Heiman.

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