The Field School Annual Fund

Field students learn to be lifelong learners.

Field teachers inspire students with their passion for learning—challenging each individual to reach their academic and personal best. Teachers, as mentors and coaches, empower students to question assumptions, seek different perspectives, develop theories, embrace risks, and gain resilience. Day by day, Field students grow into empathetic and active community members, creative self-starters, and lifelong learners.

Participation fuels Field.

Personally generous gifts of every amount reflect our shared commitment to Field's core values, and perpetuate our strong community.
Please contact our interim director of advancement, Suzanne Brown, at 202-295-5894 for assistance or questions. All gifts to The Field School are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. Across the board, everything that every student experiences at Field is supported in part by the Annual Fund. Your gift every school year helps Field every day.

Thank you for playing an essential role in ensuring that Field's wise and daring education thrives and endures by supporting the Annual Fund.

Gifts of ALL sizes are needed and appreciated!

Please make your own personally generous gift to sustain our wonderful school.

If you can, please reach to give at one of Field's named giving thresholds. Our thanks to each and every donor!

Giving Thresholds

List of 5 items.

  • Founding Gifts ($1,972+)

    To celebrate 1972, when a school that believes in creativity, individuals, and daring came alive.
  • Bridge Gifts ($3,500+)

    To celebrate “Generosity of Heart,” the fiber of our mission that connects us to each other and to the world.
  • Pillar Gifts ($7,000+)

    To celebrate “Skills of Mind,” the foundation of our mission to teach thinking, writing, problem-solving, and communication.
  • Discovery Gifts ($14,000+)

    To celebrate “Self-Discovery,” our mission’s first word, which defines Field as a school where everyone can be themself.
  • Wonder Gifts ($25,000+)

    To celebrate Field’s first home in the “Wonder Building” and the state of mind that best serves our community as we imagine its most positive impact on the world.