Welcome from the Head of School

Welcome to Field!
For almost 50 years, The Field School has provided a student-centered education that focuses on the whole child. At Field, we create a comfortable, nurturing learning environment where students can take social, emotional and academic risks. 
Foundationally, a Field education puts the teacher-student relationship at the center of all classroom learning. Each child is seen, known and heard by faculty, staff and their peers. Students are valued for their strengths and supported through their struggles. They are encouraged to challenge themselves while our teachers, who serve as mentors and coaches inspire students to reach beyond what they believe are their limitations and see the opportunities.  Our exemplary teaching staff provides the appropriate scaffolding to ensure that students are building the skills they need to be successful not just here at school, but in the world beyond. 
Classroom pedagogy follows best practice and is research driven. Faculty works collaboratively and engages in ongoing professional development to hone their teaching practice. Field teachers themselves are lifelong learners and share their passion for their discipline through project and problem-based study.  Our students are innovators, problem solvers, and creators, often described as articulate, entrepreneurial, and kind. 
At Field, we encourage critical thinking and doing beyond the traditional methodology of schooling, beyond the content of a particular course and beyond the walls of our campus. We believe that mistakes, trial and error, are all a part of the learning process, and that adolescence is a developmental time to be treasured and valued. School should be joyous and at Field-- it truly is.

Lori Strauss
Head of School