Empowering Upper School Learning

Field students thrive when engaged in authentic learning experiences, both independent and collaborative, developing a sense of agency for their learning and the ability to confidently take action, bringing their ideas into reality. Faculty encourage students to take intellectual risks, embrace mistakes, and grapple with complex problems that don’t have easy solutions. Students experience all this as members of an inclusive and welcoming community that celebrates individuals with a shared sense of purpose.


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"Across all their learning experiences, our students strive to create meaning and connection among their learning, actions, and the world."



Upper School Curriculum 

The upper school curriculum has constantly evolving courses and learning experiences. In their Senior year, students can pursue more individualized pathways. Students choose from upper-level academic elective courses designed to develop true depth of learning across disciplines. All students participate in one season of interscholastic sports per year or take a PE elective to meet their athletics requirement. 




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College Counseling

Preparing students to reach the next stage of their development is at the core of every interaction at Field. Our robust College Counseling program expertly demystifies the college process, and our counselors guide our students and their families through each step, ensuring students are prepared, informed, and connected. 

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Senior Capstone Internship

The Senior Capstone Internship program empowers students to pursue in-depth, self-directed exploration and learning under the guidance of professionals in the community. The Capstone Internship program sends seniors out into the world for three weeks in May, where they share and expand on their learning, forging strong connections between what they have learned at Field and the wider world. 

Each senior charts their own Capstone path while working closely with their faculty advisor and Internship Director to identify, develop, and execute their unique experience, including planning and presenting their culminating project to a jury of faculty and peers. 

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Upper School Intersession

Intersession, a two-week program in January, allows students to explore their interests. Students choose between 10-15 immersive courses, travel programs, or internships.

  • Immersive Courses are designed to build essential skills, including critical thinking, creativity, communication, and collaboration in service of developing solutions and a final product with community partners.
  • Travel Programs are designed to empower students to step outside their comfort zones and embrace daily challenges by utilizing creative problem-solving skills and learning to listen to and collaborate with others. Upper school students can choose from domestic and international travel programs that include learning more about Civil Rights as they travel through historic locations in the American South or travel to Spain to immerse themselves in the region's culture, history, people, and food.
  • Internships allow students to meaningfully engage in the working world and gain practical skills outside the classroom. Students are fully immersed in their host organization’s mission and goals and complete an applicable project for the organization. Students have interned side-by-side with surgeons, engineers, politicians, lawyers, artists, scientists, business owners, journalists, economists, entrepreneurs, community leaders, and nonprofit organizations with varying missions.

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