Student-Led Clubs 

A sense of pride evolves as students transform into leaders during their time at Field. Clubs are one of the places where students can create engaging content and guide their peers in new discoveries. Student-led clubs are an important factor in the flourishing student life at Field. They build community between like-minded people of similar interests, allow students to get to know the world around them, and help students interact and partner with organizations and professionals in the broader community. 


photo of student and teahcer looking at film negatives

Following Passions

Some students choose to advocate for the environment and introduce sustainable actions to the community. Other students might be passionate about classic cars and form a club to study automobile history and engage with local car collectors. Students discover their passions through community service projects, researching historical events or sites, or digging deeper into how to run a business. Favorites like the Spirit Club, Literature Club, and Frisbee Club also allow Field students to have fun together, developing a greater sense of belonging. 


Faculty-Designed and Instructed Electives

Design and build a robot, learn a new language, take a writing intensive, join a music selective, dive into historical perspectives and thought, or engage in public debate and written argumentation. There are plenty of options to explore.


Electives take students on a learning journey that elevates skills and enhances understanding of the world around them. Students discover a different side of themselves through this type of learning. These new interests and abilities might even lead to a college major and future career path.


Elective courses are focused on something that a student might not find in their core classes, or it could be an extension of an existing course. For example, a student may love their science classes, but they want to learn more, so they take a STEM lab as their elective. Others may decide to immerse themselves in Italian conversation and culture or dive into coding and robotics.