Our goals and lines of inquiry shape the rich environments we create, the authentic experiences we design, and the relevant tools and resources we share with students. Through ongoing collaboration, problem-solving, and reflection, Field students become motivated, lifelong learners who are empowered to take action.


photo of teacher with a student


Field teachers are masters of their craft because they, too, are lifelong learners, committed to the same processes that they model in their students. Collaboration between colleagues builds interdisciplinary knowledge and allows students to develop mastery of skills across the curriculum. Extensive professional development gives our faculty the space to explore and understand current research and best practice in education and adolescent development. As a result, our practice and curriculum evolve while staying true to the core of what Field has always centered on: our students’ learning.



Field students learn by taking on meaningful challenges. They address real-world problems and determine what solving those problems means—for themselves and for their community. They work with community partners to identify, define and solve problems, and determine if their solutions are effective. They get actionable feedback from their teachers, peers, and frequently from industry experts. Understanding is also gained from observing their prototypes soaring through the air and, often, crashing to the ground.

The success of a Field education is demonstrated in the way our students learn to adapt in the face of ambiguous and uncertain challenges.



Field is a community of individuals. Each of us is driven by our own unique passions and interests, and together we strive to support each other and work toward the common good. This often means taking the time to seek understanding of each other through meaningful dialogue about the things that matter most—our cultures, families, and identities. The diversity of thought that we each bring to our learning makes this community rich, healthy, and durable.

photo of teacher and two students

As I reflect more, I realize that being a Field student has meant something much harder to define. It is not just the memories I have made here but the feeling of being supported in a uniquely creative environment that has made Field a home—where I have been able to explore my passions and grow as a person. To everyone who works tirelessly to make Field “Field,” thank you for making my time here special. I hope you know your impact on our lives reaches far beyond lessons in STEM or the humanities.

Aidan Armagh ‘23

Columbia University

During my time at Field, I had countless teachers who not only embraced mistakes in the classroom but encouraged them. I can attribute much of who I am to the comfort of learning to laugh those mistakes off and grow both academically and personally. So, thank you, Field, for connecting me with such positive mentors and providing an environment that forced me to find my confidence.

Brooke Goldberg ‘23

Dickinson College

Each year, as classes began, I waited eagerly to have my eyes opened to new knowledge. I was challenged and encouraged to dive into the pool of my curiosities. I returned to class eager to expand my understanding of the world around me. Thank you for giving me the spirit of curiosity and the tools to pursue, adapt, and achieve my goals in the future.

Emma McDonnell ‘23

Davidson College

Field has encouraged me to think more critically, to question what is in front of me, and to look beyond what preconceived ideas I may have while also considering how my perspective influences my view on the world.

Gigi Beeson ‘23

University of St. Andrews