We believe students learn best when they feel a sense of belonging at their school—when they are seen and valued by their teachers, peers, and school community. We nurture, cultivate, and protect the uniqueness of each member of the community while providing the robust environment that students need to grow and thrive. Engaging the full community ensures that we identify and remove barriers to experiencing true belonging.


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We believe that a diverse student body enriches our community. Each student’s individual background, life experience, and personal story is valued. We fundamentally believe diversity enhances the learning environment.



Prioritizing student needs is a central tenet of a Field education. We ensure that all students have access to the full range of activities and experiences—in and out of our classrooms.



Working to create a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive Field community is a responsibility we all share. A healthy Field community encompasses all, constantly evolving to reflect different perspectives and experiences to expand the idea of community as a place where all are included.

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In The Classroom

In the classroom, attention to diversity, equity, and inclusion impacts how we teach as much as what we teach. This kind of reflection — Who am I? What is my history? How does my history inform the way I walk through life and the Field hallways? What are my biases? — positively impacts the way we interact with and learn from each other. Staying true to this work, the curriculum is constantly evolving and teachers strive to be reflective practitioners. 


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Student Leadership

Students are leaders and learners in our diversity, equity, and inclusion work. Some students participate in affinity groups and clubs that allow them to share their lived experiences through open dialogue and to suggest solutions to create a more inclusive community of individuals. Field's Committee for Unity, Belonging, and Equity (CUBE) , a group of students who meets weekly with faculty mentors, is responsible for helping plan and facilitate advisory lessons and other community programming dedicated to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. 


Student Affinity Groups & Identity-Based Clubs

When people with similar identities come together, it builds connections and bolsters communication and collaboration. Although a common thread links members of affinity groups, it does not mean that everyone in the group has had the same experiences. These groups provide spaces for reflection, dialogue, mentoring, and support; they ultimately strengthen community ties and help students navigate through adolescence and beyond. 

Affinity groups and identity-based clubs at Field create open spaces where students explore ideas about identity, share resources, mentor each other, learn, and grow. These students often develop as leaders who have agency in how the community evolves to meet student needs. Participants in identity-based clubs and affinity groups develop community engagement skills, develop special programming for students, families, and faculty, and engage in philanthropic endeavors. These important student resources facilitate a greater understanding of our interconnectedness and the authentic sense of community and belonging critical to a strong and healthy school community and student experience. 

We provide students with information, resources, and a process to facilitate forming affinity groups and identity-based clubs. We aim to promote self-discovery and student engagement aligned with expressed student interest and need whenever affinity groups and clubs are formed. These groups may change from year to year, and groups may evolve as interest arises. 


In The Community

Field strives to engage all community members with opportunities for learning and growing through seminars, workshops, and events. The Field School sends students and faculty to the National Association of Independent Schools’ annual Student Diversity Leadership Conference (SDLC) and People of Color Conference (PoCC).

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I am still in awe of what The Field School is and what it represents. Acceptance is what makes Field, Field. Everyone has a stake in the other's joy, success, and failures. It is truly a community. Beyond learning about derivatives, ancient civilizations, or a new language, Field taught me that empathy is a precursor to success, and without empathy, we have nothing. I am thankful to the Field teachers, peers, and this community for cultivating a place where empathy and kindness are valued.

Simeon Swaby '22

Cornell University

A school built for each one of us to not just thrive but grow. A space where we're truly encouraged to be unique, moving to the beat of our drum, our drums never having to sound the same or even be a drum for that matter.

Deontae Johnson ‘23

University of Pennsylvania

Coming onto the baseball team, being the only girl, was a very scary experience, but everyone made me feel so comfortable and supported. It was so much fun playing the game I love with the people that mean so much to me.

Piper Cherry ‘23

Hofstra University

Field is a place where I can come and not have to change who I am. Field has given me that opportunity just to be authentically myself.

Charles ‘25

I feel lucky to be at Field because every student feels connected, and it feels like one big community and not just small communities in one school.

Julie ‘29

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