Have you ever imagined building an underwater robot, developing the business model to propose a new menu item to your favorite local bakery, photographing DC Fashion Week, developing essential wilderness survival skills, scrubbing in on a real-life surgery, working with local conservation organizations in Puerto Rico, or walking in the footsteps of some of our country’s most influential Civil Rights leaders? 


photo of students on trip outside SPY building

Intersession Learning Opportunities

During our two-week Intersession program, these immersive learning experiences are possible. The world students live in today and will lead tomorrow is globally interconnected and changing rapidly with technological advances and discoveries. Students need practice navigating the complex landscape of creative problem-solving to build the skills they will need for their futures. Intersession courses and internships expose students to something different and allow them to develop passions outside of a standard classroom setting. 


Benefits of Immersive Learning

Development of Critical Human and Career Skills
By diving deeper into areas that students are inspired to explore, they are more motivated to set goals, persevere through challenges, and learn demanding project management skills. They conduct research, utilize evidence, and employ the design process to propose creative solutions to real-world problems. These opportunities empower students to develop communication skills to collaborate with peers, teachers, and professionals in the pursuit of shared understanding and solutions.
Collaboration Experience
Problem-solving in the world beyond the classroom means working in teams. Students practice empathy and active listening. They learn to value others' strengths and encourage each other to grow and evolve.
Intrinsic Motivation
Students are more motivated and inspired to learn in experiential settings because they are seeing, conceptualizing, and doing. Their ideas come to life, and there is nothing more motivating than knowing they found a solution to a real-world problem.
Valuable Retention
Students apply their knowledge to real-world experiences, which helps them contextualize and further retain information.
Authentic Reflection
During Intersession, there is time to spend reflecting on what students are experiencing and learning, from the roadblocks to the breakthroughs. As John Dewey said, “We do not learn from experience…we learn from reflecting on experience.”

I like that the Intersession course is a hands-on learning experience because that is how I learn best and that I was able to walk away with very valuable real-life experience.

Star ‘25

After completing several internships at Field, I gained useful anecdotes to use throughout my college interview process. I now have experiences that uniquely equip me to enter college and adulthood as someone who can properly conduct myself in different environments.

Hebron ‘23

Giving high school students the opportunity to experience the real world in different ways is an invaluable experience - one that I wish I had growing up. By creating a space where students can learn experientially, we can better prepare students for what to expect as college students and beyond.

Jamie Robinson, Superior Court of the District of Columbia